Haronid “Yogi” Javier

Dear Friends:

Education is a fundamental right for All.  At Global Tassels, we are committed to using education to change the world and end the cycle of poverty. We aim to provide quality education to students and prepare them to help their communities after graduating in their desired field. We hope that training these future student leaders to be engaged within their communities will bring about change and improvements to end poverty in their nation, so that they ultimately can live up to their highest potentials.

As outlined in our mission, Global Tassels is committed to providing educational opportunities to community-minded young people in the effort to end poverty. Part of Global Tassels’s Project AIR, we help open doors to higher academia for students, from all over the world, and begin their journey with a tuition-free education. This is in an effort create a network of change agents around the world, we are partnering with educational institutions, the government sector, businesses, community leaders and advisors to train our Student-Leaders to bring about sustainable change to their respective countries. As Marion Wright Edelman says, “Education is for improving the lives of others.”

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions:

Haronid “Yogi” Javier

Chief Operating Officer

Email: [email protected]

To learn more about our global cultivation, nomination, and
selection process, you may chose to download or save any of these
documents TIRCA Phase I or TIRCA Phase II.

Step 1: Nomination

Students MUST be nominated by individuals affiliated with academic institutions, community-based organizations, NGOs, government, or business. Nomination forms are available via www.globaltassels.org

Step 2: Application

Nominated students will be invited to an all-day open application session and to take a basic English-Language Sample Exam. Students MUST bring required documentations to this session.

Step 3: Interviews

Students will be scheduled for a 2 to 1 personnel/applicant and group interviews. One GT Team member plus an appointed GT Community Advisor from student’s country will take part in the 2-1 interview. Students may still bring outstanding required documents to add to their portfolio.

Step 4: Vetting Process

Students portfolio will be reviewed immediately by GT delegates and the internal vetting process begins. Turn to next page for more information about the internal vetting process.

Step 5: The Final Decisions

It may take up to 3 months for GT to make a final decision. Non-Acceptance letters will be sent via email to students and the nominator. The Letter of Acceptance will be sent via certified mail and a personal phone call from Global Tassels.