Global Tassels full operations depend on unrestricted gifts. Your support, whether it is a one time gift or annual giving, provides us the opportunity to function as an organization. From our recruitment efforts to cultivating important relationships that can help us grow our operations worldwide, your gift will make sure Global Tassels fulfills our mission and vision to educate future global leaders.


Global Tassels is actively kicking off a crowd funding campaign to support PROJECT AIR. For 2016, Global Tassels will be raising funds to support our selected GT Student Leaders as they prepare to be the 1st Global Tassels Cohort. Funds directly from this campaign will go towards students’ airfare, school supplies, and academic training. Your restricted gift will be an investment in our students’ educational endeavors. For more information about the campaign, please click here GT CALL FOR ACTION.


Special Events other than our signature events, contributes to generate funds for the organization. Special Events are held annually in New York City and Washington D.C. Some of our events are held privately in other sponsored locations. They ranges from all sizes. We welcome supporters around the world to choose us as their charity of choice. At Global Tassels our hope is to acquire new friends and provide awareness of our mission through interacting with our community during an enjoyable gathering or celebration. If you would like to hold an event or sponsor a special event, please contact, Jazmine Ortiz, Development Assistant at [email protected].



Underwriting highlights the creditworthiness of our program. It brings added value to the integrity of our internal commitment to select the best Students who can represent GT and the partnerships we have with private universities. A scholarship underwriting is an opportunity for our major supporters to donate financial contribution towards the cost of our Student Leaders’ college education. Scholarship underwriting donations can also be geared directly to the University to offset the cost of tuition, room/board, or any other resources to provide the best educational experience for our students. For more information about underwriting, please contact Gillian Candelaria, Chief of Staff and Governance Liaison at [email protected].



Foundation Grants are vital for funding specific projects and exciting programs. At Global Tassels, a grant from a funding foundation advances and grows our program internationally. It will also provide our organization the opportunity to create Fellowship Programs that can fund measurable projects related to poverty reduction. We at GT annually seek single or multiyear grants for general operating expenses, community engagements projects, and Student-Leaders educational support. For more information about Foundation Grants, please contact Haronid Javier, Deputy Vice President for Special Projects and Foundation Relations at [email protected].


The GT Founding Donors Circle acknowledges the giving leadership of individuals and organizations during Global Tassels formative years as an organization. These are individuals who have pledged to give to the organization at minimum of $10 (up to $49) a month for the whole year – a gift that keeps on giving. The Founding Donors are critical to our success. With their support, it raises the esteem of the organization, expands the sphere of our mission, and it provides reaching the goals of our program services. Global Tassels considers “The Circle” part of its legacy, as it identify a unique group of people whose signature is forever attached to our vision. To learn more, please email [email protected].