To establish credibility in our initial global recruitment process, Global Tassels will work directly with community leaders and our community advisers. Our ground local volunteers serve as liaison between the countries and Global Tassels. They work hand-in-hand to promote our programs, nominate students, and nurture the relationship between the schools, the students, and our team.

The following criteria are created to identify those students who have the understanding of our full mission and vision to ultimately make CHANGE and to run a PROJECT with longevity. We commit to foster our GT Student –Leaders Scholars becoming the voices in their communities. Therefore, it is our responsibility to identify the best-suited students who are willing to commit to our process. We want to invest on a serious students and the one’s who can have the physical, mental, and intellectual ability to produce great work academically abroad. The below list is our basic criteria. Please note that the Colleges and Universities will also require other necessary exams, documentations, and applications, for our candidates to become a matriculated international student on their campuses. In all, GT’s leadership team and governance are responsible to make sure that a just and ethical recruitment process is conducted at all time.

If you have any questions about any of our requirements, you may contact our Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Haronid “Yogi” Javier, at [email protected]

GT Process

Art work by Ms. Sarah Joy Gatchalian