• At GT, not everyone can be our students’ mentor. Mentors are selected to assist our students’ transition to college and have a major impact in developing their social skills.
  • Examples of Mentors we are looking for are seasoned-professionals who are global minded with positive energy, willingness, and can empower our students to be leaders and forces or voices of change for their country.
  • Upon the arrival of our students the summer before school starts, students will immediately meet their Mentors and will have ample opportunity to get to know each other through special events, orientations, community services, and city explorations.
  • As a role model and a confidant, our Mentors are expected to develop a long lasting coaching relationship with our students throughout college and we hope that this relationship will last forever even after our students return back home.

To learn more, please contact Mr. Haronid “Yogi” Javier at [email protected]