Global Tassels annual fund starts January 1 and ends December 31. Every year we rely on our supporters to help our cause. We are dedicated to assembling many success stories around the world by providing the tools our Leaders need to make a significant change in their home countries. Our organization is committed to providing the academic and social support to our Student Leaders.

To do that, we need people like you – the ones who believe in our vision, and the ones who can invest in the promise to make a better world by means of educating the world’s next generation. Your donation can be identified as restricted or unrestricted.  Below we have identified numerous ways to support our mission.




Global Tassels full operations depend on unrestricted gifts. Your support, whether it is a one time gift or annual giving, provides us with the opportunity to function as an organization. From our recruitment efforts to cultivating important relationships that can help us grow our operations worldwide, your gift will make sure Global Tassels fulfills our mission and vision to educate future global leaders.


There are different ways you can make your donation. Throughout this website, you may directly click on the DONATE button which will lead you to our secure PayPal account. You may also write a check payable to GLOBAL TASSELS and mail it to us. To mail a check, please email [email protected] and you will automatically receive an email with our mailing address.


The GT Founding Donors Circle acknowledges the giving leadership of individuals and organizations during Global Tassels formative years as an organization. These are individuals who have pledged to give to the organization at a minimum of $10 (up to $49) a month for the whole year – a gift that keeps on giving. The Founding Donors are critical to our success. With their support, it raises the esteem of the organization, expands the sphere of our mission, and it provides reaching the goals of our program services. Global Tassels considers “The Circle” part of its legacy, as it identifies a unique group of people whose signature is forever attached to our vision.


Our Board of Directors and Advisory Boards consists of individuals and professionals who believe in our passion to promote a better world. They are committed to global service, and academic excellence. In addition to their governance responsibilities, every year members of the Board are required to raise funds for the organization. This is how they contribute to the growth and legacy of Global Tassels. To view our full board listing, please visit our GOVERNANCE page.


The Leadership Society is the second level of giving in Global Tassels. These individuals are supporters and friends of the organization around the world who identifies to give a minimum of $250 (up to $999) annually. There are 3 points in this giving triangle. The left is the bronze level – those who give between $250-$499; The right is the silver level – those who give between $500-$749; The top is the gold level – those who give between $750 to $999). At GT, we understand the importance of the organic meaning of making a transformational gift. Members of the Leadership Society are usually supporters who are inspired by our campaign, which leads them to make an extraordinary pledge.


For all Fundraising Initiatives & Efforts, please contact:

Clarissa Palomar, Chief Development Officer

Marvellyn Nguyen, Vice President of Donor Relations