Official competitive running races from (5K to a full marathon) around the world is a sport that promotes a broad commitment to health & wellness and offer runners the chance to make a difference in their communities and for people all over the world.

It is an industry that will keep on giving – not just for the sole purpose of benefitting from a healthy lifestyle but also making an impact to the organization represented at every stride.

GT Runner is a program of Global Tassels to encourage its members, supporters and volunteers to raise funds for the organization. The purpose of the pilot is to promote health and wellness throughout the organization and to structure an easy way to get the community engage with our mission.

How does it work? Easy.

We encourage all GT Runner(s) to dedicate a mile to each of their supporters. Every race has a fundraising goal (see below). We will leave it to the runner how they want to be creative in reaching their goals. Sometimes, a mile is designated to one or more persons who truly want to make a mark during the race. To make it more exciting, the program is designed to help participants (runners) with different incentives. Those with completed an application, will be provided with a GT Runner Packet with different items to wear during the race and a reimbursement to their registration fee (if their fundraising goal amount is reached).

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