When an idea is bold and fresh, it is hard to ignore, especially when it is forward- thinking and action-oriented. The Global Tassels idea builds upon a commitment to this generation to end extreme poverty, a mission in harmony with millions of individuals and hundreds of organizations around the world, post 2015.

The new UN Sustainable Development Goals provides a benchmark for Global Tassels to do its community work and an alignment for our mission. While we see ourselves as an organization focused on GOAL 4: QUALITY EDUCATION, our ambitious engagement “to end poverty and share prosperity” will loop back to any of the 17 GOALS set forth by the SDGs.

Global Tassels is an international organization with a “Twin Goal” – to educate and to serve. The idea is to be part of the “challenge” and the “movement” to decrease the number of people living in poverty around the world while focusing on measurable outcomes that will determine success through education and post-graduate community project aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals.

To learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals, please click HERE.