Having seen and lived the awful effects of poverty in the Philippines, Dr. Elvin T. Ramos realized that there were few educational or job opportunities for young people in that country. Despite family’s encouragement to attend college, there were few dispositions and resources for young individuals to achieve their career and professional goals. Much of this came from the lack of financial support and the development of the individual.

In 2014, Dr. Ramos envisioned an opportunity to create an organization that would combine his passion for education and interest in world development that would eventually culminate in the founding of Global Tassels.  Around the same time, the United Nations was developing the 2015-2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to eradicate global poverty. Global Tassels, therefore, aligned its mission and its vision to be part of that campaign that shook new ideas of entrepreneurs, novice humanitarians, philanthropists, and more to be part of the campaign to eradicate global poverty.

In November 2019, Dr. Ramos announced his retirement from the presidency effective June 30, 2020. This led the organization to conduct a comprehensive search immediately. In March 2020, the appointment of Dr. Shanté Bassett was announced by Dr. Ramos. The Board of Directors confirmed her to start her tenure as the 2nd President of Global Tassels, starting on July 1, 2020.

You can follow the growth of our organization by viewing the below Timeline.


Dr. Elvin T. Ramos (2014-2020)

Dr. Shanté Bassett (2020)

Ms. Ashley Johnson (2021)

Dr. Richard Zalman (2022-2024)


Dr. Ramos founded Global Tassels. The original mission and vision statements were written in Norway & Germany.

May 2014

Global Tassels Logo and founding team members were recruited.

June 2014

First Leadership Team Meeting held in New York City. NYS recognized Global Tassels as an organization.

July 2014

Planning for 5 Pilot countries commenced. Application for 501c3 Status was completed and submitted.

August 2014

First fundraiser event, Founder's Circle Sunday's Tea Time, took place in Elmont, New York.

September 2014

First group of GT team members travelled to COLOMBIA.

October 2014

Second group of GT team members travelled to HAITI. First Board of Directors Meeting took place.

November 2014

GT team members travelled to INDIA. IRS approved 501c3 status, GT becomes an official US - non for profit organization.

December 2014

GT Travelled to Manila, THE PHILIPPINES.

January 2015

GT team members travelled to CÔTE d’IVOIRE and completes the 5th and final country for cultivation purposes. Second Board of Directors Meeting took place and voted on new mission and vision statement.

February 2015

GT celebrates 1st Year Anniversary and Kicks off potential students' global recruitment during 2nd visit to Bogotá, Colombia.

May 2015

The Global Tassels Campaign Gala was launched. It was quickly renamed as "The Founder's Gala".

June 2015

GT conducted robust Global Recruitment by travelling to Port-au-Prince, Haiti; Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire; and New Delhi, India for the second time to interview students for Global Recruitment.

July 2015

Continuing with summer travel, GT completes its first round of global recruitment in Manila, Philippines. First initial visit to Nairobi, Kenya to ignite Community Engagement initiative with the orphanages.

August 2015

The Staff and Board of Directors of GT votes for the first batch of Student Leaders from pilot countries.

September 2015

GT releases names of Student Leaders select. First trip to Guatemala City, Guatemala for Community Engagement partnerships.

October 2015

GT becomes a charity partner of Bank of NY Mellon Corporate Social Responsibilities office.

November 2015

2nd Annual Friends and Family Holiday Celebration took place at COFFEED, Long Island City, NY.

December 2015

The Embassy of Côte d'Ivoire sponsors GT's 2nd Annual Washington DC Reception.

February 2016

GT signs partnership agreement with Diplomatic Council and perform 3rd visit to Bogotá for academic partnership building.

March 2016