Somondoco, Boyaca, Colombia
Centro Colombo Americano
(ESL institute)

Karen is studying English at CCA and is half way through her basic English course work. She is a very motivated and independent young woman who is inspiring her fellow young people in her hometown to start thinking about ways to help. Her focus, through her community project, is to help high school students figure out what are ways they can stimulate the economy in their hometown. The students have found that gastronomy, agriculture, recycling and clothing are new ways they can contribute. Since Somondoco has a population problem, Karen feels that if she can help the young people invest their time, education and resources into Somondoco; Somondoco can once again thrive and live up to the name of “The Land of Emerald.” Today Global Tassels assists Karen and our Community Advisor Mr. Pedro Lopez in providing youth development, professional trainings, and entrepreneurship workshops for students in the 11th and 12th grade levels at least twice a month in the village of Somondoco.

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Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Haitian-American Institute

Kevin is a charming, intelligent, and hardworking young man who has been involved with singing in a choir for Les Petits Chauteurs de Sainte-Trinite for 12 years and has travelled to USA to perform. He also is a base player, loves art, graphic design and also a promising Disc Jockey (DJ). Kevin built a recording studio to help young talented artists to record for free. For the past 9 months, Kevin has been working with DINEPA- Direction Nationale de l’Eau Potable et de l’Assainissement; whose mission is to carry out the policies of state of drinking water and sanitation sectors. He is very involved with his community promoting music events, showcasing upcoming artists and making the public aware of political activism. Kevin is currently enrolled in a 10-weeks exam preparation program at the Haitian-American Institute. He is scheduled to take the TOEFL exam this summer and will apply at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

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New Delhi, India
UEI-Global Institute
(Hotel Management)

Samarpan is a bright young man who is very passionate about education, hygiene and drug addiction. He wants to educate parents and youth on these social ills with the help of scripture. Samarpan says that people in India lack interest in education and want their children to start earning a living so that there is more income for the family. He has been addressing these issues in his village through mini seminars and the government have been sanctioning various policies for education that has been making a better impact. Another passion of his since his childhood has been media and being a disc jockey. Currently, Samarpan is working at a hotel in Goa, a beach town in southern India, for 6 months for his degree in Hotel Management. Global Tassels will be visiting India this year to work with Samarpan with his Community Project upon his return to his hometown.

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Mawanga, Nakuru-Kenya
Jaramogi Oginga mOdinga University
of Science and Technology

Winnie, as per her mentor states, is an outspoken young lady who wears her heart on her sleeves and tells you like it is. When meeting and conversing with her, she is exactly how she is described. Coming from a single parent household, she has been helping her mother provide food for the table by working as a tea leaf gatherer and selling soda. There have been times when her family has struggled and could only eat once a day, but you would never see it from the way she carrIes herself. She has been very involved in sports as captain of her football (soccer) team, and has played on the handball, volleyball and badminton teams. Her passion is to eradicate hunger in her country. Because Kenya has been struggling with droughts that have left 2.7 million people in need of humanitarian assistance, it has been very difficult for the production of agriculture. Many of the staple foods like maize and commodities like sugar have been imported from other countries and prices have been inflated. Her dream is to become a Logistics and Supply Chain Manager to help build better storage facilities and supply the need so that there is no wastage of food, ultimately no hunger. Global Tassels is currently supporting her University studies and working with The Nakuru Project to implement a Community Project this year.

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Cavite, Philippines
University of Perpetual Help

Brixter’s primary choice of study is Aviation (aircraft maintenance/pilot). His secondary choice is multimedia arts, and plans to use his skills in this field to create presentations and visual aides to help educate his community on proper communication to break down barriers, discipline on waste disposal, and electing more qualified individuals who have the community’s best interest at heart. Brixter’s biggest influence is the famous inventor,Tesla, because Tesla’s discoveries and inventions benefitted the entire world.

Brixter is in his 1st semester at University of Perpetual Help. He is enrolled in a bachelor program for Aircraft Maintenance. He will be working with Morris Maitem on their combined Community Project.

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Cavite, Philippines
Emiliano Tria Tirona
National High School

Morris is currently attending Emiliano Tria Tirona National High School as a senior. Morris’ hobbies are singing, dancing and reading. He participated in dance presentations since elementary
school and even up to now. Morris is also part of a church youth club, where he helps distribute donated goods to his community. He is interested in studying Office Management for his college degree and states he doesn’t mind staying locally (University of the Philippines). He wants to be part of what makes a business successful and develop his leadership skills as the company grows. The company would focus on vocational training to allow students to develop skills that would help them in their everyday lives. Morris sees nutrition or food security as an issue that youth face within his community. He would like to tackle this issue by developing a feeding a program.

So far GT has not provided financial support to Morris but only conversations about his college interest in Manila. He is also working together with Brixter Rebullar to come up with a proposed Community Project in their neighborhoods.

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