Nina Brill serves as the Vice President of Development, she took on this role in 2016-2017 and returned in 2020. Nina has worked in the financial sector for over 30 years and then joined the non-profit sector where she was a Grants Manager at the American Friends of Rabin Medical Center in New York City. As Grants Manager at a non-profit organization, she responsible for all grant functions, including developing persuasive communications to current and prospective donors, identifying potential donors, managing the grant calendar and status reports.  She maintained and organized funding information including, proposal activity information, funder and prospect files and donor tracking systems. Two of her key successful fundraising programs were for education projects: 1) college scholarships for nursing students from underprivileged communities, and 2) medical fellows at U. S. hospitals.  The nursing scholarships are offered to qualified, low-income students, primarily Ethiopian and Russian immigrants to Israel, who would not have this educational opportunity without financial support.  The medical fellows’ program selects top doctors, researchers and medical practitioners from the hospital to obtain knowledge and share expertise with U.S. medical professionals and return to Israel to contribute these gains back to the hospital.  Nina is a Brooklyn Native and received her bachelor’s degree from the City University of New York, Brooklyn College.