Jophrane “Jo” Ligonde, is the Executive Director and Vice President for Boston Operations. She served as Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer from 2014-2017 and most recently as COO in 2018. She is a mother of two who loves working with children and teens.  After freelancing for 8 years in the film/television production industry as a Production Manager, she decided to move back to her hometown of Brooklyn, NY and became a Substitute Teacher with the NYC Board of Education (now a Communications Specialist). Upon her return, she has volunteered with various community causes and organizations throughout the New York City area such as Redemption Inc., Correctional Association of New York, Make Music New York, and NYC Board of Education. In her new role, she is responsible for creating new partnerships, building our efforts in BOSTON, and making sure our operations in the city will enable key partnerships with local non-profits and academic institutions. Jophrane is a “yarnaholic”, who loves to knit and crochet in her free time.