Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Counsel

Fayola has always had a passion for advocacy.  She is a licensed practicing attorney in New York specializing in criminal law and says that the most rewarding part of her career is the ability to help and speak up for others who are unable to do it for themselves.  Not only does Fayola have a passion and drive for the law, but she also enjoys sharing her knowledge with others in a teaching capacity.  Fayola is an Adjunct Professor at various colleges and universities in New York where she lends her legal, sociology, and political science background  to the classroom.  As a former principal court attorney for a Supreme Court judge, Fayola honed her research and writing skills, expertise needed for her role in Global Tassels.  Fayola, who loves traveling, has also participated in humanitarian efforts abroad.  In recent trips to Tanzania, Senegal, and Kenya, she brought supplies to students at different schools with her travel groups. “It was amazing to see the joy on the children’s faces.  Receiving those books, pencils, and paper…it made a huge difference to them,” she said.  In Africa she has also traveled to Zanzibar, The Gambia, South Africa, Zambia, and Botswana.  Fayola continued, “Being exposed to different cultures helps me to appreciate what I do have and reminds me to be content in whatever situation I am in.”  Fayola is dedicated to the mission of Global Tassels and believes that every student, no matter the country in which they were born, should have access to an education, where their dreams could be realized.  In Fayola’s spare time, besides traveling, she enjoys watching football, dining out and spending time with her husband, other family members and close friends.